Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The Prince of Bohemia

During his residence in London, the accomplished Prince Florizel of Bohemia gained the affection of all classes by the seduction of his manner and by a well-considered generosity. He was a remarkable man even by what was known of him; and that was but a small part of what he actually did.
Who was this Prince of Bohemia? In Robert Louis Stevenson's New Arabian Knights, Prince Florizel is a daring, ingenious adventurer, who risks his kingdom and life merely for the whim of it. He might not be a wise man in real life, but he captures the imagination. The way he disguises himself and sets off on intrepid escapades is as thrilling as any invented account can be.
Although of a placid temper in ordinary circumstances, and accustomed to take the world with as much philosophy as any ploughman, the Prince of Bohemia was not without a taste for ways of life more adventurous and eccentric than that to which he was destined by his birth.


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Hi, Matthew!

I have run across on your blog accidentaly. If you have an interest in Prince Florizel as a literuture/movie character, I invite you to visit my Live Journal site. There are two posts about Russian film "The Adventures of Prince Florisel" (including the clip from the film):

2. About Russian actor Igor Dmitriev who played Colonel Geraldine -

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Thanks Anonymous; those links are great!

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Here are the links on my essay "Prince Florizel vs Sherlock Holmes". Parts 2 & 3 are mostly about Russian television films devoted these characters (+ screen caps)... Paerhaps, you'll have interested :)

Part 1

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Alexander Sedov :)